Who Won Wisconsin Elections in 2010?

Ron Johnson
Nov 2, 2010

Incumbent Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle did not seek re-election. Republican Scott Walker won the election over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Incumbent U.S. Senator Russ Feingold was seeking a fourth term, but was defeated by political newcomer Republican Ron Johnson.

Incumbents won in six of the eight Congressional Districts. Republican Reid Ribble knocked off Democratic incumbent Steve Kagen in the 8th District, and Republican Sean Duffy won an open seat in the 7th District.

Governor Scott Walker REP 52.3%
Senate Ron Johnson REP 51.9%
House Of Representatives
1st District Paul Ryan REP Incumbent 68.2%
2nd District Tammy Baldwin DEM Incumbent 61.8%
3rd District Ron Kind DEM Incumbent 50.3%
4th District Gwen Moore DEM Incumbent 69.0%
5th District Jim Sensenbrenner REP Incumbent 69.3%
6th District Tom Petri REP Incumbent 70.7%
7th District Sean Duffy REP 52.1%
8th District Reid Ribble REP 54.8%