Who Won Florida Elections in 2012?

Bill Nelson
Nov 6, 2012

Senator Bill Nelson won re-election to a third term defeating Republican challenger Connie Mack IV.

As a result of the 2010 census, Florida picked up two seats in Congress. This, combined with changes in Florida law to prevent gerrymandering, caused the Democrats to pick up four seats and the Republicans to lose two.

President Barack Obama won Florida's 29 electoral votes by a slim 50-49% margin.

Senate Bill Nelson DEM Incumbent 55.2%
House Of Representatives
1st District Jeff Miller REP Incumbent 69.6%
2nd District Steve Southerland REP Incumbent 52.7%
3rd District Ted Yoho REP 64.7%
4th District Ander Crenshaw REP Incumbent 76.1%
5th District Corrine Brown DEM Incumbent 70.8%
6th District Ron DeSantis REP 57.2%
7th District John Mica REP Incumbent 58.7%
8th District Bill Posey REP Incumbent 58.9%
9th District Alan Grayson DEM 62.5%
10th District Daniel Webster REP Incumbent 51.7%
11th District Rich Nugent REP Incumbent 64.5%
12th District Gus Bilirakis REP Incumbent 63.5%
13th District C W Bill Young REP Incumbent 57.6%
14th District Kathy Castor DEM Incumbent 70.2%
15th District Dennis Ross REP Incumbent Unopposed
16th District Vern Buchanan REP Incumbent 53.6%
17th District Tom Rooney REP Incumbent 58.6%
18th District Patrick Murphy DEM 50.3%
19th District Trey Radel REP 62.0%
20th District Alcee Hastings DEM Incumbent 87.9%
21st District Ted Deutch DEM Incumbent 77.8%
22nd District Lois Frankel DEM 54.6%
23rd District Debbie Wasserman Schultz DEM Incumbent 63.2%
24th District Frederica Wilson DEM Incumbent Unopposed
25th District Mario Diaz-Balart REP Incumbent 75.6%
26th District Joe Garcia DEM 53.6%
27th District Ileana Ros-Lehtinen REP Incumbent 60.2%