Who Won Illinois Elections in 2012?

Tammy Duckworth
Nov 6, 2012

Iraq War vet Tammy Duckworth defeated incumbent Republican Joe Walsh in the 8th District. Democrat Brad Schneider also knocked off a Republican incumbent - Robert Dold in the 10th. Bill Foster did the same in the 11th over Judy Biggert. The fourth Republican incumbent to lose was Bobby Schilling who lost to Cheri Bustos in the 17th.

Illinois lost one seat in the House of Representatives after the 2010 census, leaving them with 18.

Barack Obama won the twenty electoral votes from Illinois.

House Of Representatives
1st District Bobby Rush DEM Incumbent 73.8%
2nd District Jesse Jackson Jr DEM Incumbent 63.3%
3rd District Dan Lipinski DEM Incumbent 68.5%
4th District Luis V Gutierrez DEM Incumbent 83.0%
5th District Mike Quigley DEM Incumbent 65.7%
6th District Peter Roskam REP Incumbent 59.2%
7th District Danny K Davis DEM Incumbent 84.6%
8th District Tammy Duckworth DEM 54.7%
9th District Jan Schakowsky DEM Incumbent 66.3%
10th District Brad Schneider DEM 50.6%
11th District Bill Foster DEM 58.6%
12th District William Enyart DEM 51.7%
13th District Rodney Davis REP 46.5%
14th District Randy Hultgren REP Incumbent 58.8%
15th District John Shimkus REP Incumbent 68.6%
16th District Adam Kinzinger REP Incumbent 61.8%
17th District Cheri Bustos DEM 53.3%
18th District Aaron Schock REP Incumbent 74.2%