Who Won Indiana Elections in 2012?

Mike Pence
Nov 6, 2012

Incumbent Governor Mitch Daniel couldn't run because of term limits. Fellow Republican and former Congressman Mike Pence won the election over Democrat John Gregg.

Democrat Joe Donnelly won the senate seat previously held by Richard Lugar. Lugar was defeated in the primary by Tea Party-backed Richard Murdock.

Republican Jackie Walorski won a narrow race for an open seat in the 2nd Congressional District.

Mitt Romney won Indiana's eleven electoral votes.

Governor Mike Pence REP 49.5%
Senate Joe Donnelly DEM 50.0%
House Of Representatives
1st District Peter Visclosky DEM Incumbent 67.3%
2nd District Jackie Walorski REP 49.0%
3rd District Marlin Stutzman REP Incumbent 67.0%
4th District Todd Rokita REP Incumbent 62.0%
5th District Susan Brooks REP 58.4%
6th District Luke Messer REP 59.1%
7th District Andre Carson DEM Incumbent 62.9%
8th District Larry Bucshon REP Incumbent 53.4%
9th District Todd Young REP Incumbent 55.4%