Who Won Louisiana Elections in 2012?

Charles Boustany
Nov 6, 2012

Incumbents won all the congressional races in Louisiana in 2012. However the 3rd district had two incumbents running. Because of the 2010 census Louisiana lost a seat in the House. The 7th District which Charles Boustany represented was no more, so he ran in the 3rd against Jeff Landry. The race went to a runoff, with Boustany winning.

All the other incumbents won rather easily.

Mitt Romney won Louisiana's eight electoral votes with 57.8% of the vote.

House Of Representatives
1st District Steve Scalise REP Incumbent 66.6%
2nd District Cedric Richmond DEM Incumbent 55.2%
3rd District Charles Boustany REP Incumbent 60.9% (Runoff)
4th District John Fleming REP Incumbent 75.3%
5th District Rodney Alexander REP Incumbent 77.8%
6th District Bill Cassidy REP Incumbent 79.4%