Who Won Michigan Elections in 2012?

Debbie Stabenow
Nov 6, 2012

Democratic U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow was re-elected to a third term in 2012 by defeating Republican challenger Pete Hoekstra.

12 of the 14 congressional districts had incumbents running and they all won re-election. Daniel Kildee won his first term in the 5th and Kerry Bentivolio won his first term in the 11th.

Barack Obama won the 16 electoral votes from Michigan with 54% of the vote.

Senate Debbie Stabenow DEM Incumbent 58.8%
House Of Representatives
1st District Dan Benishek REP Incumbent 48.1%
2nd District Bill Huizenga REP Incumbent 61.2%
3rd District Justin Amash REP Incumbent 52.6%
4th District Dave Camp REP Incumbent 63.1%
5th District Dan Kildee DEM 65.0%
6th District Fred Upton REP Incumbent 54.6%
7th District Tim Walberg REP Incumbent 53.3%
8th District Mike J Rogers REP Incumbent 58.6%
9th District Sander Levin DEM Incumbent 61.9%
10th District Candice Miller REP Incumbent 68.8%
11th District Kerry Bentivolio REP 50.8%
12th District John Dingell DEM Incumbent 67.9%
13th District John Conyers DEM Incumbent 82.8%
14th District Gary Peters DEM Incumbent 82.3%