Who Won Mississippi Elections in 2012?

Gregg Harper
Nov 6, 2012

There wasn't much election night drama in 2012 as far as national offices in Mississippi. Incumbent Senator Roger Wicker defeated Democratic challenger Albert Gore Jr.

In the congressional races all the incumbents won re-election easily, with all four getting at least 60% of the vote. Gregg Harper got 80% in the 3rd district.

Mitt Romney received 55.5% of the vote and received the six electoral votes from Mississippi.

Senate Roger Wicker REP Incumbent 57.2%
House Of Representatives
1st District Alan Nunnelee REP Incumbent 60.4%
2nd District Bennie Thompson DEM Incumbent 67.1%
3rd District Gregg Harper REP Incumbent 80.0%
4th District Steven Palazzo REP Incumbent 64.1%