Who Won North Carolina Elections in 2012?

Pat McCrory
Nov 6, 2012

Incumbent Democratic Governor Bev Perdue chose not to run for re-election, and her seat was won by Republican and Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory over Democrat Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton. McCrory had run and lost against Perdue in 2008.

There were three open Congressional seats and all three were won by Republicans, and two of those seats were formerly held by Democrats. In the 8th District Democrat incumbent Larry Kissell fell to Republican challenger Richard Hudson.

Mitt Romney won the 15 electoral votes from North Carolina with just over 50% of the vote.

Governor Pat McCrory REP 54.7%
House Of Representatives
1st District G.K. Butterfield DEM Incumbent 75.3%
2nd District Renee Ellmers REP Incumbent 55.9%
3rd District Walter Jones REP Incumbent 63.1%
4th District David Price DEM Incumbent 74.5%
5th District Virginia Foxx REP Incumbent 57.5%
6th District Howard Coble REP Incumbent 60.9%
7th District Mike McIntyre DEM Incumbent 50.1%
8th District Richard Hudson REP 53.2%
9th District Robert Pittenger REP 51.8%
10th District Patrick McHenry REP Incumbent 57.0%
11th District Mark Meadows REP 57.4%
12th District Mel Watt DEM Incumbent 79.6%
13th District George Holding REP 56.8%