Who Won Virginia Elections in 2012?

Timothy Kaine wins the 2012 Senate Race
Nov 6, 2012

Democratic senator Jim Webb did not run for re-election. Former governor Tim Kaine defeated former Republican congressman, governor and senator George Allen to win the open seat.

All the Virginia incumbents won re-election to the House of Representatives fairly easily, and Barack Obama won the state's 13 electoral votes.

Senate Tim Kaine DEM 52.9%
House Of Representatives
1st District Rob Wittman REP Incumbent 56.3%
2nd District Scott Rigell REP Incumbent 53.8%
3rd District Bobby Scott DEM Incumbent 81.3%
4th District Randy Forbes REP Incumbent 56.9%
5th District Robert Hurt REP Incumbent 55.4%
6th District Bob Goodlatte REP Incumbent 65.2%
7th District Eric Cantor REP Incumbent 58.4%
8th District Jim Moran DEM Incumbent 64.6%
9th District Morgan Griffith REP Incumbent 61.3%
10th District Frank Wolf REP Incumbent 58.4%
11th District Gerry Connolly DEM Incumbent 61.0%