Who Won Arizona Elections in 2014?

Doug Ducey
Nov 4, 2014

Incumbent Governor Jan Brewer was term-limited and could not run for re-election. The open seat was won by Republican businessman Doug Ducey over Democrat Fred DuVal.

In the 2nd District Congressional race incumbent Democrat Ron Barber lost his re-election bid by less than 200 votes to former Air Force pilot Martha McSally.

In the 7st District incumbent Ed Pastor retired leaving an open seat which was won by fellow Democrat and ex-Marine Ruben Gallego.

Governor Doug Ducey REP 53.4%
House Of Representatives
1st District Ann Kirkpatrick DEM Incumbent 52.6%
2nd District Martha McSally REP 50.0%
3rd District Raul Grijalva DEM Incumbent 55.7%
4th District Paul Gosar REP Incumbent 70.0%
5th District Matt Salmon REP Incumbent 69.6%
6th District David Schweikert REP Incumbent 64.9%
7th District Ruben Gallego DEM 74.9%
8th District Trent Franks REP Incumbent 75.8%
9th District Kyrsten Sinema DEM Incumbent 54.7%