Who Won Illinois Elections in 2014?

Bruce Rauner
Nov 4, 2014

Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn ran for re-election to a second full term, but lost to Republican businessman Bruce Rauner. Rauner carried every county except Cook County (Chicago).

Democrat incumbent U.S. Senator Dick Durbin won a fourth term over challenger Jim Oberweis.

Two incumbent Democrat members of the House lost their re-election bids. Brad Schneider fell to Bob Dold in the 10th District, and Mike Bost defeated Bill Enyart in the 12th District.

Governor Bruce Rauner REP 50.3%
Senate Dick Durbin DEM Incumbent 53.5%
House Of Representatives
1st District Bobby Rush DEM Incumbent 73.1%
2nd District Robin Kelly DEM Incumbent 78.5%
3rd District Dan Lipinski DEM Incumbent 64.6%
4th District Luis V Gutierrez DEM Incumbent 78.1%
5th District Mike Quigley DEM Incumbent 63.2%
6th District Peter Roskam REP Incumbent 67.1%
7th District Danny K Davis DEM Incumbent 85.1%
8th District Tammy Duckworth DEM Incumbent 55.7%
9th District Jan Schakowsky DEM Incumbent 66.1%
10th District Bob Dold REP 51.3%
11th District Bill Foster DEM Incumbent 53.5%
12th District Mike Bost REP 52.5%
13th District Rodney Davis REP Incumbent 58.7%
14th District Randy Hultgren REP Incumbent 65.4%
15th District John Shimkus REP Incumbent 74.9%
16th District Adam Kinzinger REP Incumbent 70.6%
17th District Cheri Bustos DEM Incumbent 55.5%
18th District Aaron Schock REP Incumbent 74.7%