Who Won Indiana Elections in 2014?

Andre Carson
Nov 4, 2014

With no major state-wide races in Indiana in 2014, it was only the seats in the House of Representatives which were up for grabs.

All nine incumbents ran for re-election and all nine were sent back to Washington.

The all won fairly comfortably. The closest race was in the 7th District where Andre Carson won with just under 55%. Most winners received over 60%.

House Of Representatives
1st District Peter Visclosky DEM Incumbent 60.8%
2nd District Jackie Walorski REP Incumbent 58.9%
3rd District Marlin Stutzman REP Incumbent 65.8%
4th District Todd Rokita REP Incumbent 66.9%
5th District Susan Brooks REP Incumbent 65.2%
6th District Luke Messer REP Incumbent 65.9%
7th District Andre Carson DEM Incumbent 54.7%
8th District Larry Bucshon REP Incumbent 60.3%
9th District Todd Young REP Incumbent 63.1%