Who Won Kentucky Elections in 2014?

Mitch McConnell
Nov 4, 2014

Incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell ran for re-election to a sixth term and defeated Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes with 56% of the vote.

There were no changes to Kentucky's Congressional delegation as all six incumbents to the House of Representatives easily won re-election. All of them received at least 60% of the vote.

Senate Mitch McConnell REP Incumbent 56.2%
House Of Representatives
1st District Ed Whitfield REP Incumbent 73.1%
2nd District Brett Guthrie REP Incumbent 69.2%
3rd District John Yarmuth DEM Incumbent 63.5%
4th District Thomas Massie REP Incumbent 67.7%
5th District Hal Rogers REP Incumbent 78.3%
6th District Andy Barr REP Incumbent 60.0%