Who Won Massachusetts Elections in 2014?

Charlie Baker
Nov 4, 2014

Incumbent Governor Deval Patrick did not run for re-election. Republican Charlie Baker won his seat narrowly over Martha Coakley.

Democrat U.S. Senator Ed Markey won his first full term over Brian Herr.

Incumbent Congressman John Tierney lost the nomination for re-election to Seth Moulton, who went on to win the general election.

All the other Congressional elections were won by the incumbents, and many were unopposed.

Governor Charlie Baker REP 48.4%
Senate Ed Markey DEM Incumbent 59.0%
House Of Representatives
1st District Richard Neal DEM Incumbent 73.8%
2nd District Jim McGovern DEM Incumbent 71.9%
3rd District Niki Tsongas DEM Incumbent 60.3%
4th District Joe Kennedy III DEM Incumbent 72.1%
5th District Katherine Clark DEM Incumbent 71.0%
6th District Seth Moulton DEM 53.6%
7th District Mike Capuano DEM Incumbent 80.7%
8th District Stephen Lynch DEM Incumbent 76.6%
9th District William Keating DEM Incumbent 53.1%