Who Won Minnesota Elections in 2014?

Al Franken
Nov 4, 2014

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton won a second full term in 2014 over Republican challenger Jeff Johnson. U.S. Senator Al Franken also won his second full term with a win over Mike McFadden.

Seven of the eight congressional districts had incumbents running, and all seven won re-election. Democrat Rick Nolan had the closest race and won narrowly over Stewart Mills. Republican Tom Emmer won the empty seat in the 6th District that had been held by Michele Bachmann.

Governor Mark Dayton DEM Incumbent 50.1%
Senate Al Franken DEM Incumbent 53.2%
House Of Representatives
1st District Tim Walz DEM Incumbent 54.2%
2nd District John Kline REP Incumbent 56.0%
3rd District Erik Paulsen REP Incumbent 62.1%
4th District Betty McCollum DEM Incumbent 61.2%
5th District Keith Ellison DEM Incumbent 70.8%
6th District Tom Emmer REP 56.3%
7th District Collin Peterson DEM Incumbent 54.2%
8th District Rick Nolan DEM Incumbent 48.5%