Who Won Missouri Elections in 2014?

Billy Long
Nov 4, 2014

Eight incumbents ran for re-election in Missouri in 2014, and all eight were sent back to Washington with relative ease.

The only incumbent to get less than 60% of the vote was Emanuel Cleaver in the 5th District. The Democrat won a sixth term with 52% over Republican Jacob Turk who had 45%.

Lacy Clay and Sam Graves each won an eighth term.

House Of Representatives
1st District Lacy Clay DEM Incumbent 73.0%
2nd District Ann Wagner REP Incumbent 64.1%
3rd District Blaine Luetkemeyer REP Incumbent 68.3%
4th District Vicky Hartzler REP Incumbent 68.1%
5th District Emanuel Cleaver DEM Incumbent 51.6%
6th District Sam Graves REP Incumbent 66.7%
7th District Billy Long REP Incumbent 63.5%
8th District Jason T Smith REP Incumbent 66.7%