Who Won Ohio Elections in 2014?

John Kasich
Nov 4, 2014

Incumbent Republican Governor John Kasich won re-election to a second term by a landslide over Democrat Ed FitzGerald. Kasich received 64% of the vote.

Ohio appeared happy with their members of Congress. All sixteen incumbents won re-election, and fifteen of them received over 63% of the vote. Bob Gibbs ran unopposed in the 7th District.

Governor John Kasich REP Incumbent 63.6%
House Of Representatives
1st District Steve Chabot REP Incumbent 63.2%
2nd District Brad Wenstrup REP Incumbent 66.0%
3rd District Joyce Beatty DEM Incumbent 64.1%
4th District Jim Jordan REP Incumbent 67.7%
5th District Bob Latta REP Incumbent 66.5%
6th District Bill Johnson REP Incumbent 58.2%
7th District Bob Gibbs REP Incumbent Unopposed
8th District John Boehner REP Incumbent 67.2%
9th District Marcy Kaptur DEM Incumbent 67.7%
10th District Mike Turner REP Incumbent 65.2%
11th District Marcia Fudge DEM Incumbent 79.5%
12th District Pat Tiberi REP Incumbent 68.1%
13th District Tim Ryan DEM Incumbent 68.5%
14th District David Joyce REP Incumbent 63.3%
15th District Steve Stivers REP Incumbent 66.0%
16th District Jim Renacci REP Incumbent 63.7%