Who Won Virginia Elections in 2014?

Mark Warner
Nov 4, 2014

Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Warner (pictured) had a double digit lead in the polls in October, but barely squeaked out a victory against former Republican National Committee Chair Ed Gillespie. Warner won a second term.

7th District Representative and former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost in the Republican Primary to Dave Brat. Cantor then resigned from his seat and a special election was held in addition to the regular election to fill the remaining two months of Cantor's term. Brat easily defeated Democrat Jack Trammell in both the special and general election.

Senate Mark Warner DEM Incumbent 49.2%
House Of Representatives
1st District Rob Wittman REP Incumbent 62.9%
2nd District Scott Rigell REP Incumbent 58.7%
3rd District Bobby Scott DEM Incumbent Unopposed
4th District Randy Forbes REP Incumbent 60.2%
5th District Robert Hurt REP Incumbent 60.9%
6th District Bob Goodlatte REP Incumbent 74.5%
7th District Dave Brat REP 60.8%
8th District Don Beyer DEM 63.1%
9th District Morgan Griffith REP Incumbent 72.1%
10th District Barbara Comstock REP 56.5%
11th District Gerry Connolly DEM Incumbent 56.9%