Who Won Arizona Elections in 2016?

Tom O'Halleran
Nov 8, 2016

There were two open seats for congress up for grabs in Arizona in 2016. In the 1st District Tom O'Halleran held the seat for the Democrats and in the 5th Andy Biggs held the seat for the Republicans.

John McCain won a sixth term to the United States Senate over Ann Kirkpatrick.

Donald Trump received 49% of the vote to Clinton's 45% and received the 11 electoral votes from Arizona.

Senate John McCain REP Incumbent 53.7%
House Of Representatives
1st District Tom O'Halleran DEM 50.7%
2nd District Martha McSally REP Incumbent 57.0%
3rd District Raul Grijalva DEM Incumbent 98.6%
4th District Paul Gosar REP Incumbent 71.4%
5th District Andy Biggs REP 64.1%
6th District David Schweikert REP Incumbent 62.1%
7th District Ruben Gallego DEM Incumbent 75.2%
8th District Trent Franks REP Incumbent 68.5%
9th District Kyrsten Sinema DEM Incumbent 60.9%