Who Won the 1996 United States Presidential Election?

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton
Nov 5, 1996
% Of Vote: 
Also On Ballot: 
Bob Dole (REP - 40.7%); Ross Perot (REF - 8.4%)

In the 1996 United States Presidential Election incumbent Bill Clinton easily won re-election over Republican Bob Dole. Clinton carried 31 states plus the District of Columbia for a total of 379 electoral votes.

Ross Perot ran once again as a third party alternative and received 8%, which was down from 19% in the previous election.

Despite Dole's defeat, the Republican party retained control of the House and Senate.

1996 Presidential Election Results:

CandidatePartyVotes%EC Votes
Bill Clinton (incumbent)Democrat47,401,18549.2%379
Bob DoleRepublican39,197,46940.7%159
Ross PerotReform8,085,2948.4%0
Ralph NaderGreen685,2970.7%0
Harry BrowneLibertarian485,7590.5%0
Howard PhillipsTaxpayers184,6560.2%0
John HagelinNatural Law113,6700.1%0

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