Who Won the 2000 United States Presidential Election?

George W Bush

George W Bush
Nov 7, 2000
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Al Gore (DEM - 48.4%)

The 2000 United States Presidential Election saw Republican Texas Governor George W Bush defeat Bill Clinton's Vice President - Democrat Albert Gore.

Gore actually received more popular votes than Bush - 51 million to 50.4 million (48.4% - 47.9%). But Bush won the electoral vote count 271-266.

George W Bush took 30 states, all in the south and west-central part of the country. Al Gore took the northeast and west-coast states, along with New Mexico in the Southwest.

There was a dispute about Florida's 25 electoral votes. The vote in Florida was so close that there were re-counts. But the US Supreme Court stepped in and ended the recount process - giving Florida to Bush.

2000 Presidential Election Results:

CandidatePartyVotes%EC Votes
George W BushRepublican50,460,11047.9%271
Al GoreDemocrat51,003,92648.4%266
Ralph NaderGreen2,883,1052.7%0
Pat BuchananReform449,2250.4%0
Harry BrowneLibertarian384,5160.4%0
Howard PhillipsConstitution98,0220.1%0
John HagelinNatural Law/Reform83,7020.1%0

2000 Electoral Map