Who Won the 2004 United States Presidential Election?

George W Bush

George W Bush
Nov 2, 2004
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John Kerry (DEM - 48.3%)

The 2004 United States Presidential Election saw Republican incumbent George W Bush win re-election over Democrat John Kerry.

Bush received 62 million votes to Kerry's 59 million (51% - 48%). The electoral vote count was 286 to Bush and 251 to John Kerry. John Edwards received one electoral vote from a 'faithless elector'.

George W Bush took 31 states, all in the south and west-central part of the country. John Kerry took the northeast and west-coast states.

2004 Presidential Election Results:

CandidatePartyVotes%EC Votes
George W BushRepublican62,040,61050.7%286
John KerryDemocrat59,028,44448.3%251
Ralph NaderIndependent465,6500.4%0
Michael BadnarikLibertarian397,2650.3%0
Michael PeroutkaConstitution143,6300.1%0
David CobbGreen119,8590.1%0

2004 Electoral Map