Who Won the 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup?

Jimmie Johnson wins the 2008 Sprint Cup

Jimmie Johnson made Nascar history when he won the 2008 Sprint Cup. He won his third consecutive Nascar championship - the first since Cale Yarborough thirty years ago.

Going into the final race, the Ford 400, Johnson had a sizable points lead over Ford 400 winner and cup runner-up Carl Edwards.

Johnson ended the season with seven wins. Edwards won nine races in 2008. Kyle Busch started the season with eight wins, but his season fell apart when the Cup Chase started in September.

2008 Sprint Cup Standings

1Jimmie Johnson6684-7
2Carl Edwards6615-699
3Greg Biffle6467-2172
4Kevin Harvick6408-2760
5Clint Bowyer6381-3031
6Jeff Burton6335-3492
7Jeff Gordon6316-3680
8Denny Hamlin6214-4701
9Tony Stewart6202-4821
10Kyle Busch6186-4988
11Matt Kenseth6184-5000
12Dale Earnhardt Jr6127-5571

2008 Sprint Cup Races