Who Won Pulitzer Prizes in 2004?

Pulitzer PrizeApr 5, 2004

Every year since 1917 Pulitzer Prizes are awarded in journalism, letters, drama, and music. Winners receive a $10,000 cash award and a certificate.

Who Won a Pulitzer Prize In 2004?

Beat Reporting
Daniel Golden (Stories on admission preferences given to the children of alumni)
Breaking News Photography
Dallas Morning News (Photographs of violence and poignancy of the war)
David Leeson and Cheryl Diaz Meyer
Breaking News Reporting
Los Angeles Times (Coverage of massive wildfires in southern California)
Leonard Jr Pitts (Columns to to ordinary people on often divisive issues)
Dan Neil (Reviews of automobiles)
Editorial Cartooning
Matt Davies
Editorial Writing
William R Stall (Analyzing California's troubled state government)
Explanatory Reporting
Wall Street Journal (Examination of aneurysms)
Kevin Helliker and Thomas M. Burton
Feature Photography
Carolyn Cole (Innocent citizens caught in civil war in Liberia)
Feature Writing
International Reporting
Anthony Shadid (Capturing the voices and emotions of Iraqis as their country was invaded)
Investigative Reporting
Toledo Blade (Series on atrocities by Tiger Force)
Michael D Sallah; Mitch Weiss; Joe Mahr
National Reporting
Los Angeles Times (Examination of Wal-Mart business tactics)
Public Service
New York Times (Exposing employers who break basic safety rules.)
David Barstow; Lowell Bergman
William Taubman (Khrushchev: The Man and His Era)
Doug Wright (I Am My Own Wife)
Edward P Jones (The Known World)
General Non-Fiction
Anne Applebaum (Gulag: A History)
Steven Hahn (A Nation Under Our Feet)
Paul Moravec (Tempest Fantasy)
Franz Wright (Walking to Martha's Vinyard)
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