Who Won Pulitzer Prizes in 2010?

Pulitzer PrizeApr 12, 2010

Every year since 1917 Pulitzer Prizes are awarded in journalism, letters, drama, and music. Winners receive a $10,000 cash award and a certificate.

Who Won a Pulitzer Prize In 2010?

Breaking News Photography
Mary Chind (Photograph of a rescuer dangling in a harness trying to save a woman in waters beneath a dam)
Breaking News Reporting
Seattle Times (Coverage of shooting deaths of four police officers in a coffee house)
Kathleen Parker (Witty columns on an array of political and moral issues)
Sarah Kaufman (Imaginative approach to dance criticism)
Editorial Cartooning
Mark Fiore
Editorial Writing
Tod Robberson (Editorials deploring the stark social and economic disparity between northern and southern Dallas)
Colleen McCain; William McKenzie
Explanatory Reporting
Michael Moss (Reporting on contaminated hamburger and other food safety issues)
Feature Photography
Craig F Walker (Portrait of a teenager who joins the Army at the height of insurgent violence in Iraq)
Feature Writing
Gene Weingarten (Story about parents who accidentally kill their children by forgetting them in cars)
International Reporting
Anthony Shadid (Series on Iraq as the United States departs and its people struggle with the nation's future)
Investigative Reporting
Sheri Fink (Story on urgent life and death decisions made by a hospital's exhausted doctors during Hurricane Katrina)
Local Reporting
Raquel Rutledge (Reports on the fraud and abuse in a child-care program for low-wage working parents)
National Reporting
New York Times (Hazardous use of cell phones computers and other devices while operating cars)
Matt Richtel
Public Service
Bristol (VA) Herald Courier (Illuminating the murky mismanagement of natural gas royalties owed to landowners in Virginia)
TJ Stiles (The First Tycoon: The Epic Life Of Cornelius Vanderbilt)
Brian Yorkey (Next To Normal)
and Tom Kitt
Paul Harding (Tinkers)
General Non-Fiction
David E Hoffman (The Dead Hand: The Untold Story Of The Cold War Arms Race)
Liaquat Ahamed (Lords Of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke The World)
Jennifer Higdon (Violin Concerto)
Rae Armantrout (Versed)
Special Citation
Hank Williams (Craftsmanship as a songwriter who expressed universal feelings with poignant simplicity)
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