Who Won at the 1980 Winter Olympics?

1980 Winter Olympics
Feb 13, 1980 - Feb 24, 1980

The 1980 Winter Olympics were held in Lake Placid, New York. Taiwan boycotted the games because the IOC wanted them to use the name "Taiwan" instead of "The People's Republic of China."

This was the year of the "Miracle on Ice" - the United States' hockey team defeating the Soviet Union and going on to win the gold medal.

1980 was also the year Eric Heiden won an incredible five speed skating medals.

The men's and women's slalom events were swept by Ingemar Stenmark of Sweden and Hanni Wenzel of Liechtenstein.

Alpine Skiing
Gold Medal Country
Feb 14, 1980 Men's Downhill Leonhard Stock Austria
Feb 22, 1980 Men's Slalom Ingemar Stenmark Sweden
Feb 19, 1980 Men's Giant Slalom Ingemar Stenmark Sweden
Feb 17, 1980 Women's Downhill Annemarie Moser-Pröll Austria
Feb 23, 1980 Women's Slalom Hanni Wenzel Liechtenstein
Feb 21, 1980 Women's Giant Slalom Hanni Wenzel Liechtenstein
Gold Medal Country
Feb 16, 1980 Men's Biathlon Individual Anatoly Alyabyev Soviet Union
Feb 22, 1980 Men's Biathlon Relay Soviet Union Soviet Union
Feb 19, 1980 Men's Biathlon 10k Sprint Frank Ullrich East Germany
Gold Medal Country
Feb 16, 1980 Two Man Bobsleigh Erich Schärer & Sepp Benz Switzerland
Feb 24, 1980 Four Man Bobsleigh East Germany East Germany
Cross Country
Gold Medal Country
Feb 17, 1980 Men's Cross Country 15k Thomas Wassberg Sweden
Feb 14, 1980 Men's Cross Country 30k Nikolay Zimyatov Soviet Union
Feb 23, 1980 Men's Cross Country 50k Nikolay Zimyatov Soviet Union
Feb 20, 1980 Men's Cross Country Relay Soviet Union Soviet Union
Feb 15, 1980 Women's Cross Country 5k Raisa Smetanina Soviet Union
Feb 18, 1980 Women's Cross Country 10k Barbara Petzold East Germany
Feb 21, 1980 Women's Cross Country Relay East Germany East Germany
Figure Skating
Gold Medal Country
Feb 21, 1980 Men's Figure Skating Robin Cousins Great Britain
Feb 23, 1980 Women's Figure Skating Anett Potzsch East Germany
Feb 18, 1980 Pairs Figure Skating Irina Rodnina & Alexander Zaitsev Soviet Union
Feb 20, 1980 Ice Dancing Natalia Linichuk & Gennadi Karponossov Soviet Union
Ice Hockey
Gold Medal Country
Feb 24, 1980 Men's Ice Hockey United States United States
Gold Medal Country
Feb 16, 1980 Men's Luge Bernhard Glass East Germany
Feb 16, 1980 Women's Luge Vera Zozulya Soviet Union
Feb 19, 1980 Doubles Luge Hans Rinn & Norbert Hahn East Germany
Nordic Combined
Gold Medal Country
Feb 19, 1980 Nordic Combined Normal Hill Ulrich Wehling East Germany
Ski Jumping
Gold Medal Country
Feb 23, 1980 Men's Ski Jumping Large Hill Jouko Törmänen Finland
Feb 17, 1980 Men's Ski Jumping Normal Hill Toni Innauer Austria
Speed Skating