Who Won at the 1998 Winter Olympics?

1998 Winter Olympics
Feb 7, 1998 - Feb 22, 1998

The 1998 Winter Olympics were held in Nagano, Japan. Weather caused many postponements. Curling and snowboarding debuted as official medal sports.

Professional hockey players were allowed to compete for the first time (the Czech Republic won the gold medal), and it was the first year that women's ice hockey was a medal sport.

Bjorn Daehlie continued an incredible Winter Olympics career winning three more gold medals in cross country skiing, and Tara Lipinski became the youngest winner of an individual event when she won the gold medal in women's figure skating.

Alpine Skiing
Gold Medal Country
Feb 13, 1998 Men's Alpine Combined Mario Reiter Austria
Feb 13, 1998 Men's Downhill Jean-Luc Crétier France
Feb 21, 1998 Men's Slalom Hans Petter Buraas Norway
Feb 19, 1998 Men's Giant Slalom Hermann Maier Austria
Feb 16, 1998 Men's Super G Hermann Maier Austria
Feb 17, 1998 Women's Alpine Combined Katja Seizinger Germany
Feb 16, 1998 Women's Downhill Katja Seizinger Germany
Feb 19, 1998 Women's Slalom Hilde Gerg Germany
Feb 20, 1998 Women's Giant Slalom Deborah Compagnoni Italy
Feb 11, 1998 Women's Super G Picabo Street United States
Gold Medal Country
Feb 11, 1998 Men's Biathlon Individual Halvard Hanevold Norway
Feb 21, 1998 Men's Biathlon Relay Germany Germany
Feb 18, 1998 Men's Biathlon 10k Sprint Ole Einar Bjørndalen Norway
Feb 9, 1998 Women's Biathlon Individual Ekaterina Dafovska Bulgaria
Feb 19, 1998 Women's Biathlon Relay Germany Germany
Feb 15, 1998 Women's Biathlon Sprint Galina Kukleva Russia
Gold Medal Country
Feb 15, 1998 Two Man Bobsleigh Pierre Lueders & Dave MacEachern Canada
Feb 21, 1998 Four Man Bobsleigh Germany Germany
Cross Country
Gold Medal Country
Feb 12, 1998 Men's Cross Country 10k Bjørn Dæhlie Norway
Feb 9, 1998 Men's Cross Country 30k Mika Myllylä Finland
Feb 22, 1998 Men's Cross Country 50k Bjørn Dæhlie Norway
Feb 18, 1998 Men's Cross Country Relay Norway Norway
Feb 12, 1998 Men's Cross Country Pursuit Thomas Alsgaard Norway
Feb 9, 1998 Women's Cross Country 5k Larisa Lazutina Russia
Feb 8, 1998 Women's Cross Country 15k Olga Danilova Russia
Feb 20, 1998 Women's Cross Country 30k Yuliya Chepalova Russia
Feb 16, 1998 Women's Cross Country Relay Russia Russia
Feb 10, 1998 Women's Cross Country Pursuit Larisa Lazutina Russia
Gold Medal Country
Feb 15, 1998 Men's Curling Switzerland Switzerland
Feb 15, 1998 Women's Curling Canada Canada
Figure Skating
Gold Medal Country
Feb 14, 1998 Men's Figure Skating Ilia Kulik Russia
Feb 20, 1998 Women's Figure Skating Tara Lipinski United States
Feb 10, 1998 Pairs Figure Skating Oksana Kazakova & Artur Dmitriev Russia
Feb 16, 1998 Ice Dancing Pasha Grishuk & Evgeni Platov Russia
Freestyle Skiing
Gold Medal Country
Feb 11, 1998 Men's Moguls Jonny Moseley United States
Feb 18, 1998 Men's Aerials Eric Bergoust United States
Feb 11, 1998 Women's Moguls Tae Satoya Japan
Feb 18, 1998 Women's Aerials Nikki Stone United States
Ice Hockey
Gold Medal Country
Feb 22, 1998 Men's Ice Hockey Czech Republic Czech Republic
Feb 17, 1998 Women's Ice Hockey United States United States
Gold Medal Country
Feb 9, 1998 Men's Luge Georg Hackl Germany
Feb 11, 1998 Women's Luge Silke Kraushaar Germany
Feb 13, 1998 Doubles Luge Stefan Krausse & Jan Behrendt Germany
Nordic Combined
Gold Medal Country
Feb 14, 1998 Nordic Combined Normal Hill Bjarte Engen Vik Norway
Feb 20, 1998 Nordic Combined Team Norway Norway
Short Track
Gold Medal Country
Feb 21, 1998 Men's Short Track 500m Takafumi Nishitani Japan
Feb 17, 1998 Men's Short Track 1000m Kim Dong-Seong South Korea
Feb 21, 1998 Men's Short Track Relay Canada Canada
Feb 19, 1998 Women's Short Track 500m Annie Perreault Canada
Feb 21, 1998 Women's Short Track 1000m Jeon I-Gyeong South Korea
Feb 17, 1998 Women's Short Track Relay South Korea South Korea
Ski Jumping
Gold Medal Country
Feb 15, 1998 Men's Ski Jumping Large Hill Kazuyoshi Funaki Japan
Feb 11, 1998 Men's Ski Jumping Normal Hill Jani Soininen Finland
Feb 17, 1998 Men's Ski Jumping Team Japan Japan
Gold Medal Country
Feb 8, 1998 Men's Snowboard Giant Slalom Ross Rebagliati Canada
Feb 12, 1998 Men's Snowboard Halfpipe Gian Simmen Switzerland
Feb 9, 1998 Women's Snowboard Giant Slalom Karine Ruby France
Feb 12, 1998 Women's Snowboard Halfpipe Nicola Thost Germany
Speed Skating
Gold Medal Country
Feb 10, 1998 Men's Speed Skating 500m Hiroyasu Shimizu Japan
Feb 15, 1998 Men's Speed Skating 1000m Ids Postma Netherlands
Feb 12, 1998 Men's Speed Skating 1500m Ådne Søndrål Norway
Feb 8, 1998 Men's Speed Skating 5000m Gianni Romme Netherlands
Feb 17, 1998 Men's Speed Skating 10000m Gianni Romme Netherlands
Feb 14, 1998 Women's Speed Skating 500m Catriona LeMay Doan Canada
Feb 19, 1998 Women's Speed Skating 1000m Marianne Timmer Netherlands
Feb 16, 1998 Women's Speed Skating 1500m Marianne Timmer Netherlands
Feb 11, 1998 Women's Speed Skating 3000m Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann Germany
Feb 20, 1998 Women's Speed Skating 5000m Claudia Pechstein Germany