Who Won the Gold Medal for Men's Biathlon 10k Sprint?

Men's Biathlon 10k Sprint

The Men's Biathlon 10K Sprint became an event in the Winter Olympics in 1980. The biathlete skis three loops of 3.3 km each, stopping to shoot after the first and second loop. There is a penalty of 150m for each miss.

Germany has won Gold four times, and Norway three. Ole Einar Bjorndalen of Norway is the only two-time gold medal winner in the sprint event.

Year Gold Medal Country Score
2014 Ole Einar Bjoerndalen Norway 24:33.5 Details >>
2010 Vincent Jay France 24:07.8 Details >>
2006 Sven Fischer Germany 26:11.6 Details >>
2002 Ole Einar Bjørndalen Norway 24:51.3 Details >>
1998 Ole Einar Bjørndalen Norway 27:16.2 Details >>
1994 Sergey Chepikov Russia 28:07.0 Details >>
1992 Mark Kirchner Germany 26:02.3 Details >>
1988 Frank-Peter Roetsch East Germany 25:08.1 Details >>
1984 Eirik Kvalfoss Norway 30:53.8 Details >>
1980 Frank Ullrich East Germany 32:10.69 Details >>