Who Won the Oscar for Documentary Feature?

Academy Award: Documentary Feature

The Academy Award for Documentary Feature Film was introduced at the 16th Academy Awards in 1944. The first Oscar went to "Desert Victory".

Through the years winners have included some Disney and Jacques Cousteau nature films.

More recent winners have included "CitizenFour" and "Amy".

Who Won Documentary Feature Oscars?

1991 American Dream 
Barbara Kopple; Arthur Cohn
Other Nominees: Berkeley in the Sixties; Building Bombs; Forever Activists: Stories From the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade; Waldo Salt: A Screenwriter's Journey
1990 Common Thread: Stories From the Quilt ("Common Threads: Stories From The Quilt")  
Robert Epstein; Bill Couturie
Other Nominees: Adam Clayton Powell; Crack USA: County Under Siege; For All Mankind; Super Chief: The Life and Legacy of Earl Warren
1989 Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie 
Marcel Ophuls
Other Nominees: The Cry of Reason - Beyers Naude: An Afrikaner Speaks Out; Let's Get Lost; Promises To Keep; Who Killed Vincent Chin?
1988 The Ten-Year Lunch: The Wit and Legend of the Algonquin Round Table 
Aviva Slesin
Other Nominees: Eyes On the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years/Bridge To Freedom 1965; Hellfire: A Journey From Hiroshima; Radio Bikini; A Stitch For Time
1987 Artie Shaw: Time Is All You've Got 
Brigitte Berman
Other Nominees: Chile: Hasta Cuando?; Isaac In America: A Journey with Isaac Bashevis Singer; Witness To Apartheid
1987 Down And Out In America ("Down and Out In America")  
Joseph Feury; Milton Justice
Other Nominees: Chile: Hasta Cuando?; Isaac In America: A Journey with Isaac Bashevis Singer; Witness To Apartheid
1986 Broken Rainbow 
Maria Florio; Victoria Mudd
Other Nominees: Las Madres-The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo; Soldiers In Hiding; The Statue of Liberty; Unfinished Business
1985 The Times Of Harvey Milk 
Robert Epstein; Richard Schmiechen
Other Nominees: High Schools; In The Name Of The People; Marlene; Streetwise
1984 He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin' 
Emile Ardolino
Other Nominees: Children Of Darkness; First Contact; The Profession Of Arms; Seeing Red
1983 Just Another Missing Kid 
John Zaritsky
Other Nominees: After The Axe; Ben's Mill; In Our Water; A Portrait Of Giselle
1982 Genocide 
Arnold Schwartzman; Rabbi Marvin Hier
Other Nominees: Against Wind And Tide: A Cuban Odyssey; Brooklyn Bridge; Eight Minutes To Midnight: A Portrait of Dr Helen Caldicott; El Salvador: Another Vietnam
1981 From Mao To Mozart: Isaac Stern In China 
Murray Lerner
Other Nominees: Agee; The Day After Trinity; Front Line; The Yellow Star
1980 Best Boy 
Ira Wohl
Other Nominees: Generation On The Wind; Going The Distance; The Killing Ground; The War At Home
1979 Scared Straight! 
Arnold Shapiro
Other Nominees: The Lovers' Wind; Mysterious Castles Of Clay; Raoni; With Babies And Banners: Story of the Women's Emergency Brigade
1978 Who Are The DeBolts? And Where Did They Get Nineteen Kids? 
John Korty; Dan McCann; Warren L Lockhart
Other Nominees: The Children of Theatre Street; High Grass Circus; Homage To Chagall - The Colours Of Love; Union Maids
1977 Harlan County U.S.A. 
Barbara Kopple
Other Nominees: Hollywood On Trial; Off The Edge; People Of The Wind; Volcano: An Inquiry Into The Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry
1976 The Man Who Skied Down Everest 
FR Crawley; James Hager; Dale Hartleben
Other Nominees: The California Reich; Fighting For Our Lives; The Incredible Machine; The Other Half Of The Sky: A China Memoir
1975 Hearts And Minds 
Peter Davis; Bert Schneider
Other Nominees: Antonia: A Portrait of the Woman; The Challenge?A Tribute To Modern Art; The 81st Blow; The Wild And The Brave
1974 The Great American Cowboy 
Kieth Merrill
Other Nominees: Always A New Beginning; Battle of Berlin; Journey To The Outer Limits; Walls Of Fire
1973 Marjoe 
Howard Smith; Sarah Kernochan
Other Nominees: Ape and Super Ape; Malcolm X; Manson; The Silent Revolution
1972 The Hellstrom Chronicle 
Walon Green
Other Nominees: Alaska Wilderness Lake; On Any Sunday; The RA Expeditions; The Sorrow and the Pity
1971 Woodstock 
Bob Maurice
Other Nominees: Chariots of the Gods; Jack Johnson; King: A Filmed Record?Montgomery to Memphis; Say Goodbye
1970 Arthur Rubinstein - The Love of Life 
Bernard Chevry
Other Nominees: Before the Mountain Was Moved; In the Year of the Pig; The Olympics in Mexico; The Wolf Men
1969 Journey Into Self 
Bill McGaw
Other Nominees: A Few Notes on Our Food Problem; The Legendary Champions; Other Voices; Young Americans
1968 The Anderson Platoon 
Pierre Schoendoerffer
Other Nominees: Festival; Harvest; A King's Story; A Time For Burning
1967 The War Game 
Peter Watkins
Other Nominees: The Face of Genius; Helicopter Canada; Le Volcan Interdit; The Really Big Family
1966 The Eleanor Roosevelt Story 
Sidney Glazier
Other Nominees: The Battle of the Bulge-The Brave Rifles; The Forth Road Bridge; Let My People Go; To Die In Madrid
1965 Jacques-Yves Cousteau's World Without Sun 
Jacques Cousteau
Other Nominees: The Finest Hours; Four Days In November; The Human Dutch; Over There 1914-18
1964 Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel with the World 
Robert Hughes
Other Nominees: Le Maillon et la Chaine; The Yanks Are Coming
1963 Black Fox 
Louis Clyde Stoumen
Other Nominees: Alvorada - Brazil's Changing Face
1962 Le Ciel et la Boue 
Arthur Cohn; Rene Lafuite
Other Nominees: La Grande Olimpiade
1961 The Horse With The Flying Tail 
Larry Lansburgh
Other Nominees: Rebel In Paradise
1960 Serengeti Shall Not Die 
Bernhard Grzimek
Other Nominees: The Race For Space
1959 White Wilderness 
Ben Sharpsteen
Other Nominees: Antarctic Crossing; The Hidden World; Psychiatric Nursing
1958 Albert Schweitzer 
Jerome Hill
Other Nominees: On the Bowery; Torero!
1957 The Silent World 
Jacques Cousteau
Other Nominees: The Naked Eye; Where Mountains Float
1956 Helen Keller In Her Story 
Nancy Hamilton
Other Nominees: Heartbreak Ridge
1955 The Vanishing Prairie 
Walt Disney
Other Nominees: The Stratford Adventure
1954 The Living Desert 
Walt Disney
Other Nominees: The Conquest of Everest; A Queen Is Crowned
1953 The Sea Around Us 
Irwin Allen
Other Nominees: The Hoaxters; Navajo
1952 Kon-Tiki 
Olle Nordemar
Other Nominees: I Was A Communist for the FBI
1951 The Titan: Story of Michelangelo 
Robert Snyder
Other Nominees: With These Hands
1950 Daybreak In Udi 
Crown Film Unit
Other Nominees: Kenji Comes Home
1949 The Secret Land 
Orville O Dull
Other Nominees: The Quiet One
1948 Design for Death 
Sid Rogell; Theron Warth; Richard O Fleischer
Other Nominees: Journey into Medicine; The World Is Rich
1947 NONE 
1946 The True Glory 
Governments of Great Britain and the United States
Other Nominees: The Last Bomb
1945 The Fighting Lady 
United States Navy
Other Nominees: Resisting Enemy Interrogation
1944 Desert Victory 
British Ministry of Information
Other Nominees: Baptism of Fire; The Battle of Russia; Report from the Aleutians; War Department Report


2017 O.J.: Made in America Ezra Edelman and Caroline Waterlow O.J.: Made in America
2016 Amy Asif Kapadia and James Gay-Rees Amy
2015 CitizenFour Laura Poitras, Mathilde Bonnefoy and Dirk Wilutzky CitizenFour
2014 20 Feet From Stardom Morgan Neville, Gil Friesen and Caitrin Rogers 20 Feet From Stardom
2013 Searching For Sugar Man Malik Bendjelloul and Simon Chinn Searching For Sugar Man
2012 Undefeated TJ Martin, Dan Lindsay and Rich Middlemas Undefeated
2011 Inside Job Charles Ferguson and Audrey Marrs Inside Job
2010 The Cove Louie Psihoyos and Fisher Stevens The Cove
2009 Man On Wire James Marsh and Simon Chinn Man On Wire
2008 Taxi To The Dark Side Alex Gibney and Eva Orner Taxi To The Dark Side
2007 An Inconvenient Truth Davis Guggenheim An Inconvenient Truth
2006 March Of The Penguins Luc Jacquet and Yves Darondeau March Of The Penguins
2005 Born Into Brothels Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski Born Into Brothels
2004 The Fog Of War Errol Morris and Michael Williams The Fog Of War
2003 Bowling For Columbine Michael Moore, Michael Donovan Bowling For Columbine
2002 Murder On A Sunday Morning Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, Denis Poncet Murder On A Sunday Morning
2001 Into The Arms Of Strangers Mark Jonathan Harris, Deborah Oppenheimer Into The Arms Of Strangers
2000 One Day In September Arthur Cohn, Kevin Macdonald One Day In September
1999 The Last Days James Moll, Ken Lipper The Last Days
1998 The Long Way Home Rabbi Marvin Hier, Richard Trank The Long Way Home
1997 When We Were Kings Leon Gast, David Sonenberg When We Were Kings
1996 Anne Frank Remembered Jon Blair Anne Frank Remembered
1995 Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision Freida Lee Mock, Terry Sanders Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision
1994 I Am A Promise Susan Raymond, Alan Raymond I Am A Promise
1993 The Panama Deception Barbara Trent and David Kasper, Producers The Panama Deception
1992 In The Shadow Of The Stars Allie Light and Irving Saraf, Producers In The Shadow Of The Stars