Who Won the Oscar for Documentary Short?

Academy Award: Documentary Short

The Academy Award for Documentary Feature Film was introduced at the 14th Academy Awards in 1942. The first Oscar went to "Churchill's Island".

Through the years multiple winners have included Charles Guggenheim and Walt Disney. In the early years, it was common for films produced by the armed forces to win the Oscar for Documentary Short.

Who Won Documentary Short Oscars?

1991 Days Of Waiting 
Steven Okazaki
Other Nominees: Burning Down Tomorrow; Chimps: So Like Us; Journey Into Life: The World of the Unborn; Rose Kennedy: A Life To Remember
1990 The Johnstown Flood 
Charles Guggenheim
Other Nominees: Fine Food Fine Pastries Open 6 to 9; Yad Vashem: Preserving the Past To Ensure the Future
1989 You Don't Have To Die 
William Guttentag; Malcolm Clarke
Other Nominees: The Children's Storefront; Family Gathering; Gang Cops; Portrait of Imogen
1988 Young At Heart 
Sue Marx; Pamela Conn
Other Nominees: Frances Steloff: Memoirs of a Bookseller; In the Wee Wee Hours; Language Says It All; Silver Into Gold
1987 Women - For America For the World 
Vivienne Verdon-Roe
Other Nominees: Debonair Dancers; The Masters of Disaster; Red Grooms: Sunflower in a Hothouse; Sam
1986 Witness To War: Dr Charlie Clements 
David Goodman
Other Nominees: The Courage To Care; Keats and His Nightingale: A Blind Date; Making Overtures: The Story of a Community Orchestra; The Wizard of the Strings
1985 The Stone Carvers 
Marjorie Hunt; Paul Wagner
Other Nominees: The Children of Soong Ching Ling; Code Gray: Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing; The Garden Of Eden; Recollections of Pavlovsk
1984 Flamenco at 5:15 
Cynthia Scott; Adam Symansky
Other Nominees: In the Nuclear Shadow: What Can The Children Tell Us?; Sewing Woman; Spaces: The Architecture of Paul Rudolph; You Are Free (Ihr Zent Frei)
1983 If You Love This Planet 
Edward Le Lorrain; Terri Nash
Other Nominees: Gods Of Metal; The Klan: A Legacy Of Hate In America; To Live Or Let Die; Traveling Hopefully
1982 Close Harmony 
Nigel Noble
Other Nominees: Americas In Transition; Journey For Survival; See What I Say; Urge To Build
1981 Karl Hess: Toward Liberty 
Roland Halle; Peter W Ladue
Other Nominees: Don't Mess With Bill; The Eruption Of Mount St Helens; It's The Same World; Luther Metke at 94
1980 Paul Robeson: Tribute To An Artist 
Saul J Turell
Other Nominees: Dae; Koryo Celadon; Nails; Remember Me
1979 The Flight of the Gossamer Condor 
Jacqueline Phillips Shedd; Ben Shedd
Other Nominees: The Divided Trail: A Native American Odyssey; An Encounter With Faces; Goodnight Miss Ann; Squires of San Quentin
1978 Gravity Is My Enemy 
John Joseph; Jan Stussy
Other Nominees: Agueda Martinez: Our People Our Country; First Edition; Of Time Tombs and Treasure; The Shetland Experience
1977 Number Our Days 
Lynne Littman
Other Nominees: American Shoeshine; Blackwood; The End Of The Road; Universe
1976 The End Of The Game 
Claire Wilbur; Robin Lehman
Other Nominees: Arthur and Lillie; Millions of Years Ahead of Man; Probes In Space; Whistling Smith
1975 Don't 
Robin Lehman
Other Nominees: City Out Of Wilderness; Exploratorium; John Muir's High Sierra; Naked Yoga
1974 Princeton: A Search For Answers 
Julian Krainin; DeWitt L Sage Jr
Other Nominees: Background; Children At Work; Christo's Valley Curtain; Four Stones for Kanemitsu
1973 This Tiny World 
Charles Huguenot van der Linden; Martina Huguenot van der Linden
Other Nominees: Hundertwasser's Rainy Day; K-Z; Selling Out; The Tide of Traffic
1972 Sentinels of Silence 
Manuel Arango; Robert Amram
Other Nominees: Adventures in Perception; Art Is; The Numbers Start With the River; Somebody Waiting
1971 Interviews With My Lai Veterans 
Joseph Strick
Other Nominees: The Gifts; A Long Way From Nowhere; Oisin; Time Is Running Out
1970 Czechoslovakia 1968 
Denis Sanders; Robert M Fresco
Other Nominees: An Impression of John Steinbeck: Writer; Jenny Is A Good Thing; Leo Beuerman; The Magic Machines
1969 Why Man Creates 
Saul Bass
Other Nominees: The House that Ananda Built; The Revolving Door; A Space To Grow; A Way Out of the Wilderness
1968 The Redwoods 
Mark Harris; Trevor Greenwood
Other Nominees: Monument to the Dream; A Place To Stand; See You at the Pillar; While I Run This Race
1967 A Year Toward Tomorrow 
Edmond A Levy
Other Nominees: Adolescence; Cowboy; The Odds Against; Saint Matthew Passion
1966 To Be Alive! 
Francis Thompson
Other Nominees: Mural On Our Street; Ouverture; Point Of View; Yeats Country
1965 Nine From Little Rock 
Charles Guggenheim
Other Nominees: Breaking the Habit; Children Without; Kenojuak; 140 Days Under the World
1964 Chagall 
Simon Schiffrin
Other Nominees: The Five Cities of June; The Spirit of America; Thirty Million Letters; To Live Again
1963 Dylan Thomas 
Jack Howells
1962 Project Hope 
Frank P Bibas
Other Nominees: Breaking the Language Barrier; Cradle of Genius; Kahl; L'Uomo in Grigio
1961 Giuseppina 
James Hill
Other Nominees: Beyond Silence; A City Called Copenhagen; George Grosz' Interregnum; Universe
1960 Glass 
Bert Haanstra
Other Nominees: Donald in Mathmagic Land; From Generation to Generation
1959 Ama Girls 
Ben Sharpsteen
Other Nominees: Employees Only; Journey Into Spring; The Living Stone; Overture
1958 NONE 
1957 The True Story of the Civil War 
Louis Clyde Stoumen
Other Nominees: A City Decides; The Dark Wave; The House Without A Name; Man In Space
1956 Men Against The Arctic 
Walt Disney
Other Nominees: The Battle of Gettysburg; The Face of Lincoln
1955 Thursday's Children 
World Wide Pictures and Morse Films
Other Nominees: Jet Carrier; Rembrandt: A Self Portrait
1954 The Alaskan Eskimo 
Walt Disney
Other Nominees: The Living City; Operation Blue Jay; They Planted A Stone; The Word
1953 Neighbours 
Norman McLaren
Other Nominees: Devil Take Us; The Garden Spider; Man Alive!
1952 Benjy 
Fred Zinnemann
Other Nominees: One Who Came Back; The Seeing Eye
1951 Why Korea? 
Edmund Reek
Other Nominees: The Fight: Science Against Cancer; The Stairs
1950 A Chance To Live 
Richard de Rochemont
Other Nominees: 1848; The Rising Tide
1950 So Much For So Little 
Edward Selzer
Other Nominees: 1848; The Rising Tide
1949 Toward Independence 
United States Army
Other Nominees: Heart To Heart; Operation Vittles
1948 First Steps 
United Nations Division of Films
Other Nominees: Passport To Nowhere; School In the Mailbox
1947 Seeds of Destiny 
United States Department of War
Other Nominees: Atomic Power; Life at the Zoo; Paramount News Issue #37; Traffic with the Devil
1946 Hitler Lives? 
Gordon Hollingshead
Other Nominees: Library of Congress; To the Shores of Iwo Jima
1945 With the Marines at Tarawa 
United States Marine Corps
Other Nominees: Arturo Toscanini; New Americans
1944 December 7th 
United States Navy
Other Nominees: Children of Mars; The Dutch Tradition; Plan for Destruction; Swedes in America; To the People of the United States; Tomorrow We Fly; Youth In Crisis
1942 Churchill's Island 
National Film Board of Canada
Other Nominees: Adventure in the Bronx; Bomber; Christmas Under Fire; Letter From Home; Life Of A Thoroughbred; Norway In Revolt; A Place To Live; Russian Soil; Soldiers Of the Sky; War Clouds in the Pacific


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2016 A Girl In The River: The Price Of Forgiveness Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy A Girl In The River
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2014 The Lady In Number 6: Music Saved My Life Malcolm Clarke and Nicholas Reed The Lady In Number 6: Music Saved My Life
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2006 A Note Of Triumph: The Golden Age Of Norman Corwin Corinne Marrinan and Eric Simonson A Note Of Triumph: The Golden Age Of Norman Corwin
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2004 Chernobyl Heart Maryann DeLeo Chernobyl Heart
2003 Twin Towers Bill Guttentag, Robert David Port Twin Towers
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2000 King Gimp Susan Hannah Hadary, William A. Whiteford King Gimp
1999 The Personals: Improvisations On Romance In The Golden Years Keiko Ibi The Personals: Improvisations On Romance In The Golden Years
1998 A Story Of Healing Donna Dewey, Carol Pasternak A Story Of Healing
1997 Breathing Lessons: The Life And Work Of Mark O'Brien Jessica Yu Breathing Lessons: The Life And Work Of Mark O'Brien
1996 One Survivor Remembers Kary Antholis One Survivor Remembers
1995 A Time For Justice Charles Guggenheim A Time For Justice
1994 Defending Our Lives Margaret Lazarus, Renner Wunderlich Defending Our Lives
1993 Educating Peter Thomas C. Goodwin and Gerardine Wurzburg, Producers Educating Peter
1992 Deadly Deception Debra Chasnoff, Producer Deadly Deception