Who Won the Alaskan Iditarod?

Alaskan Iditarod

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is held every year in Alaska.

The mushers and the dogs travel over 1000 miles - often through blizzard conditions. The trail runs from Anchorage to Nome.

The most recent winner is Mitch Seavey, who has won twice. He and his son Dallas Seavey (four wins) have won the past six races.

Lance Mackey has also won the Iditarod four times, while his father and older brother have also won in the past. Several mushers have won four times, but the musher with the most wins is Rick Swenson with five.

YrIditarod WinnerTimeLead Dog(s)
2017Mitch Seavey8 days 3:40:13Pilot and Crisp
2016Dallas Seavey8 days 11:20:16Reef and Tide
2015Dallas Seavey8 days 18:13:06Reef and Hero
2014Dallas Seavey8 days 13:04:19Beetle and Reef
2013Mitch Seavey9 days 7:39:56Tanner and Taurus
2012Dallas Seavey9 days 4:29:26Guinness and Diesel
2011John Baker8 days 18:46Velvet and Snickers
2010Lance Mackey8 days 2:59:09Maple
2009Lance Mackey9 days 21:38:46Larry and Maple
2008Lance Mackey9 days 11:46:48Larry and Hobo
2007Lance Mackey9 days 05:08:41Larry and Lippy
2006Jeff King9 days 11:11:36Salem and Bronte
2005Robert Sorlie9 days 18:39:31Sox and Blue
2004Mitch Seavey9 days 12:20:22Tread
2003Robert Sorlie9 days 15:47:36Tipp
2002Martin Buser8 days 22:46:02Bronson
2001Doug Swingley9 days 19:55:50Stormy and Pepi
2000Doug Swingley9 days 00:58:06Stormy and Cola
1999Doug Swingley9 days 14:31:07Stormy Cola and Elmer
1998Jeff King9 days 05:52:26Red and Jenna
1997Martin Buser9 days 08:30:45Blondie and Fearless
1996Jeff King9 days 05:43:13Jake and Booster
1995Doug Swingley10 days 13:02:39Vic and Elmer
1994Martin Buser10 days 13:05:39D2 and Dave
1993Jeff King10 days 15:38:15Herbie and Kitty
1992Martin Buser10 days 19:17:15Tyrone and D2
1991Rick Swenson12 days 16:34:39Goose
1990Susan Butcher11 days 01:53:23Sluggo and Lightning
1989Joe Runyan11 days 05:24:34Rambo and Ferlin the Husky
1988Susan Butcher11 days 11:41:40Granite and Tolstoi
1987Susan Butcher11 days 02:05:13Granite and Mattie
1986Susan Butcher11 days 15:06:00Granite and Mattie
1985Libby Riddles18 days 00:20:17Axle and Dugan
1984Dean Osmar12 days 15:07:33Red and Bullet
1983Rick Mackey12 days 14:10:44Preacher and Jody
1982Rick Swenson16 days 04:40:10Andy
1981Rick Swenson12 days 08:45:02Andy and Slick
1980Joe May14 days 07:11:51Wilbur and Cora Gray
1979Rick Swenson15 days 10:37:47Andy and Old Buddy
1978Dick Mackey14 days 18:52:24Skipper and Shrew
1977Rick Swenson16 days 16:27:13Andy and Old Buddy
1976Gerald Riley18 days 22:58:17Puppy and Sugar
1975Emmitt Peters14 days 14:43:45Nugget and Digger
1974Carl Huntington20 days 15:02:07Nugget
1973Dick Wilmarth20 days 00:49:41Hotfoot