Who Won the Gold Medal for Men's Speed Skating 1000m?

Men's Speed Skating 1000M

Olympic speed skaters skate in pairs but are basically racing against the clock to get a better time than skaters in other heats.

The races are held on a 400 meter oval, and speed skaters must change lanes on the back straightaway of each lap. The most recent gold medal winner was Shani Davis of the United States who has won gold twice.

The 1000 meter speed skating competition was introduced to Winter Olympic competition in 1976. Other Americans winning the gold medal include Dan Jansen in 1994 and Peter Mueller in 1976. Eric Heiden of the United States won the event in 1980 when he swept all five speed skating medals.

2010 - Vancouver
Gold Medal: Shani Davis (United States) (1:08.94)
Silver Medal: Tae-Bum Mo (South Korea)
Bronze: Chad Hedrick (United States)
2006 - Turin
Gold Medal: Shani Davis (United States) (1:08.89)
Silver Medal: Joey Cheek (United States)
Bronze: Erben Wennemars (Netherlands)
2002 - Salt Lake City
Gold Medal: Gerard van Velde (Holland) (1:07.18)
Silver Medal: Jan Bos (Holland)
Bronze: Joey Cheek (United States)
1998 - Nagano
Gold Medal: Ids Postma (Holland) (1:10.64)
Silver Medal: Jan Bos (Holland)
Bronze: Hiroyasu Shimizu (Japan)
1994 - Lillehammer
Gold Medal: Dan Jansen (United States) (1:12.43)
Silver Medal: Igor Zhelezovsky (Belarus)
Bronze: Sergei Klevchenya (Russia)
1992 - Albertville
Gold Medal: Olaf Zinke (Germany) (1:14.85)
Silver Medal: Kim Yoon-man (Korea)
Bronze: Yukinori Miyabe (Japan)
1988 - Calgary
Gold Medal: Nikolai Gulyaev (Soviet Union) (1:13.03)
Silver Medal: Uwe-Jens Mey (East Germany)
Bronze: Igor Zhelezovsky (Soviet Union)
1984 - Sarajevo
Gold Medal: Gaetan Boucher (Canada) (1:15.80)
Silver Medal: Sergei Khlebnikov (Soviet Union)
Bronze: Kai Arne Engelstad (Norway)
1980 - Lake Placid
Gold Medal: Eric Heiden (United States) (1:15.18)
Silver Medal: Gaetan Boucher (Canada)
Bronze: Vladimir Lobanov (Soviet Union)
1976 - Innsbruck
Gold Medal: Peter Mueller (United States) (1:19.32)
Silver Medal: Jorn Didriksen (Norway)
Bronze: Valery Muratov (Soviet Union)