Who Won the Gold Medal for Women's Biathlon Individual?

Women's Biathlon Individual

The Women's Biathlon 15K Individual event was introduced at the 1992 games. Antje Misersky of Germany was the first gold medalist.

The biathlete shoots four times at any shooting lane over five laps for twenty total targets. Pentalty time is added for each missed shot.

Year Gold Medal Country Score
2014 Darya Domracheva Belarus 43:19.6 Details >>
2010 Tora Berger Norway 40:52.8 Details >>
2006 Svetlana Ishmuratova Russia 49:24.1 Details >>
2002 Andrea Henkel Germany 47:29.1 Details >>
1998 Ekaterina Dafovska Bulgaria 54:52.0 Details >>
1994 Myriam Bédard Canada 52:06.6 Details >>
1992 Antje Misersky-Harvey Germany 51:47.2 Details >>