Who Won the Gold Medal for Women's Speed Skating 5000m?

Women's Speed Skating 5000m

Olympic speed skaters skate in pairs but are basically racing against the clock to get a better time than skaters in other heats.

The races are held on a 400 meter oval, and speed skaters must change lanes on the back straightaway of each lap.

The women's 5000M race became an event at the Winter Games in 1988. Germany has won gold four times, including three gold medals for Claudia Pechstein.

Year Gold Medal Country Score
2018 Esmee Visser Netherlands 6:50.23 Details >>
2014 Martina Sablikova Czech Republic 6:51.54 Details >>
2010 Martina Sablikova Czech Republic 6:50.92 Details >>
2006 Clara Hughes Canada 6:59.07 Details >>
2002 Claudia Pechstein Germany 6:46.91 Details >>
1998 Claudia Pechstein Germany 6:59.61 Details >>
1994 Claudia Pechstein Germany 7:14.37 Details >>
1992 Gunda Niemann Germany 7:31.57 Details >>
1988 Yvonne van Gennip Netherlands 7:14.13 Details >>